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How To Make Your Mortage In A Weekend

About the Author: J. Cathy Birch

Millions of American families are faced with the crisis of mortgage foreclosure! From coast to coast, homeowners are struggling to maintain the American dream of home ownership. J. Cathy Burch once was one of those home owners. Today she is financially secure after creating a system where she can make her entire month’s mortgage in a single weekend, utilizing her home. 

The book can be found online at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million and FDGuide.com.





Angry Black Man's Guide to Success

About the Author: George Farrell

I decided to write this book after interviewing hundreds of Black men. From these interviews, I came up with twenty-five lessons and five steps on what it takes to achieve success on your own. I hope other Angry Black Men learn how to deal with their anger and turn it into drive and ambition. Too many of us let the anger fester into self-destructive behavior against each other.

The book can be found online at Amazon.com